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Our new field guide Wild Flowers of Dartmoor is now available. Published by The Dartmoor Company, this 48 page, paperback, field guide has over 100 beautiful colour photographs to help the reader identify some of the wild flowers found on Dartmoor. Ideal for visitors, locals and those of you that collect our books.

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Down Ferny Lane: A magical fantasy adventure with the wildlife, gnomes, fairies, boggarts and other little people inhabiting a woodland, wild meadow and surrounding habitats.

The aim of the book was to teach young people to be empathetic towards all living things. Written for ages 7 - 11 but enjoyed by the whole family - all who are young at heart.

Paperback, black and white line drawings, 247 Pages, ISBN 1898546673

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P&P £3.50
Follies Fables & Fantasy: A collection of stories based on adventure and fantasy. The stories are based on real places in North Devon and are for children aged 7-11 to read, or for adults to read to their children.

100% of the profits benefit the Childrenís Hospice South West. Nick Harvey MP for North Devon kindly wrote the foreword.

Paperback, 96 pages, black and white illustrations, ISBN 978-1-906551-21-6

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P&P £3.50
Bod the Beast of Bodmin: Bod the Beast (Black Leopard) and his companion Min have to learn about their new habitat and surrounding countryside in order to survive. Itís a bit of fun for all age groups. This is a fun, quirky look at the escaped black leopard that is said to roam the Westcountry.

Illustrated in black and white storyboard format the book looks at specific locations surrounding Bodmin in the West Country.

Foreword kindly written by Trevor Beer MBE.

Paperback, black and white storyboards, 128 pages. ISBN 1841145742

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P&P £3.50
A Celebration of Flora and Fauna of the Bible : A colourful, hardback, coffee table format book. The aim was to link the Bible closer to British shores via some of the flora and fauna mentioned in it.

Some species mentioned in the Bible can be found on our shores too, whereas some of the plants mentioned in the Bible, we may find ourselves using in the kitchen.

I wanted to create a book that would be useful to the whole family. Children can look up the quotations to learn how to use their family Bible and adults can enjoy the wildlife content. It has a foreword very kindly written by Professor David Bellamy.

Hardback, 144 pages, colour illustrations (line and wash), ISBN 978-1-84114-672-0

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P&P £5.00