I was self-employed from 1993 and I founded Naturama in 2004. The business is an expansion and professionalisation of my already existing freelance work as a writer, illustrator and green tourist guide - teaching people about wildlife in the Westcountry. Today, I mainly work as an illustrator.

How it All Began

In 1993, the arrival of a young grey squirrel, known as Grey, came to live with us. She was suffering from contact blindness - having been sprayed in the eyes by herbicide. Grey, lived with us for ten years and became my personal companion.

I kept diaries about Grey as well as about the flora and fauna of Anchor Woods, behind which I lived at that time, my friends still live there. I began making notes for children’s stories, illustrating storyboards for the Children’s Hospice South West and soon realised I had the makings of a sizable book.

Published since the age of 18,  I worked on a weekly basis for the North Devon Gazette voluntarily for three years, as well as for various magazines for small fees. 

On my 30th birthday, my best friend, colleague and namesake, Trevor Beer MBE, had a single draft copy produced via Edward Gaskell of Lazarus Press, and from there many more illustrations were produced. Down Ferny Lane was born! With a product now to sell, the small business Naturama was founded and more books have followed thanks to National publishers, Halsgrove of Somerset

Following changes in markets and a dearth in green tourism, Naturama remains my hobby business and I continue my work as a writer and illustrator for Exmoor Magazine where I have been writing and illustrating a family page under the aegis of ‘Uncle Willow’ the border Collie Dog since 2009. Today I mainly illustrate. (click here to subscribe) www.exmoormagazine.co.uk

Currently I work full-time in Human Resources, and am an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development having completed a CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management. However, I will continue my nature work and illustrations in the evening hours and at weekends, and perhaps in the future, there will be another book or two…… because that is what I love to do best.

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New Online Shop Opens

Endymion Beer's new On-Line illustration shop is an exciting new venture. Prints, Cards, Books, Magnets, Pens and more, featuring her writing and artwork can now be purchased on-line - see Country Store for details.

Endymion's work revolves around the Natural World and she continues to illustrate, write, lecture and work as a green tourist guide under the aegis of her small business, Naturama founded in 2004, whenever the opportunity arises - see Services for details.

Mission Statement

Endymion says:

"I have chosen to dedicate my life to help and promote the awareness of flora and fauna wherever I can. Since we are at the head of our food-chain, I believe all species lower down in that same food-chain should be carefully considered as our indicator species. Therefore a safe way forward for us is a healthy environment full of wild habitats and healthy, diverse populations of flora and fauna."